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We know how modern technology helps shape a new world for us. It opens a whole new world of possibilities that time will come, no person on earth can ever say something is impossible to happen. One of the results of this modern technology that we first thought was unthinkable was making an infertile couple become pregnant with their biological child. Now, assisted reproductive technology makes it all possible through procedures like artificial insemination, intracytoplasmic sperm injection, and the most popular of all ARTs, the in vitro fertilisation. Let us find out the estimated cost of IVF in Australia to help couples prepare for the financial aspect of this scientific breakthrough.


Cost of IVF in Australia: The IVF steps

In order to fully understand how the cost of IVF in Australia gets estimated, we need to know how it works. The process of IVF is very intricate and complex, so a specialised environment and an expert fertility specialist are essential in making each step successful until the patient finally gets pregnant and bear a child.

Pre-IVF procedure. Assessment of your reproductive health, as well as your partner’s, is essential to establish if you are good candidates for IVF. Your fertility specialist would request specific tests and laboratory work-ups that would determine your capacity to bear a child as well as your overall general health, just so he is sure that you are physically prepared and capable of undergoing the whole procedure without complications.

Hormonal fertility injections. These injections and other medicated concoctions get introduced to the body to stimulate egg production. As a woman only develops one egg per month, these medications boost egg production to increase the possibility of pregnancy.

Gamete collection. Once there are viable eggs ready for fertilisation, they get harvested and stored in a specialised storage unit that mimics the feel of the uterine environment, to make it conducive to the health of the mature eggs. Right at the same time, your partner’s or a donor’s semen sample containing millions of sperm gets collected so that fertilisation can start.

Fertilisation. The gamete (sex) cells get mixed together, and fertilisation takes place. They are stored and incubated in a laboratory until they are already mature enough for transfer. The fertilised eggs are now called embryos.

Implantation. The mature embryos get transferred to the woman’s womb through a cannula that is inserted into the vagina. The number of embryos implanted at a given cycle is determined by you and your fertility specialist.

Results. After two weeks from the egg collection, your fertility specialist requests you to have a pregnancy test to check your procedure’s success. If positive, your doctor may transfer your care to an OB-GYN. If the test is negative, you and your fertility doctor may discuss if you want to undergo another cycle or not.


Cost of IVF in Australia: The breakdown

Below is an estimated cost of IVF in Australia broken down per procedure. It is still best to inquire about the clear price of the ART procedure with a specialist consultation.


australia-clinics-cost-of-ivfPre-IVF medication: $3000 to $5000

IVF Cycle: $9000 to $10000, but an out-of-pocket expense is expected since Medicare offers rebates for this fertility treatment and it can be estimated as follows:

  • $4300 to $4800 for the initial attempt or cycle
  • $4000 to $4300 for the next attempts within the cycle year


Additional IVF procedures:

Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) : $10000

– This procedure is where sperm is manually injected inside the egg. This additional step is indicated for low-quality and quantity sperm to increase the chance of fertilisation.

Embryo, sperm, or egg freezing: $800 to $900 per embryo, $500-$600 for each sperm or egg.

– This procedure preserves the unused embryo, sperm, or egg from the initial cycle of IVF so that if ever the worse happens and the first cycle fails, there are additional cells to use.

Frozen embryo transfer: $3000 to $4000

– This procedure is done when the previous IVF cycle fails, and the patient still wants to try again. Instead of going through the whole process again, they skip to straightforward implantation.

Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGD): $800 to $1000

– This procedure gets recommended when a couple has a history or genetic disorder that they do not want their child to inherit. This procedure is also now controversially used for gender selection.


Planning a family entails a true sense of responsibility, not only on the financial aspect but on the emotional side as well. Becoming mature and loving individuals who are ready emotionally and physically for the joys and sacrifices needed in building a family is essential.

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